Ganita Wealth launches new bond to fund wealth management acquisitions

UK fund distribution company, Ganita Wealth Limited, announced on Wednesday that it would be launching an investment bond in order to raise money for a UK-based acquisition strategy. The company said that bond proceeds will be spent on buying independent financial advisory and asset management companies in the UK market.

With ’80 years of combined experience’ in financial services, the Ganita Wealth team now has a network extending across the UK, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Ireland – and adds that it will soon be operating in Dubai and India.

“We are great believers in the future growth prospects of the UK wealth management market,” said Paul Smith, CEO of Ganita Wealth. “We are in the process of building an integrated fund management and advisory platform par excellence. This bond will help to facilitate that growth as we look to acquire high growth IFA and fund management businesses.”

The company says that it plans to expand its business into a range of complementary areas, such as fund distribution, managing in-house UCITS funds, and the administration of financial products like SIPPs. It added that proceeds from the bond will also aid in establishing the firm’s currently-progressing asset management umbrella.

Ganet Wealth finished by saying that it expects the UK and international wealth management market to be poised for ‘strong growth in the post-COVID environment’. The global wealth market is set to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2021 and 2023, coming to a value of roughly $1.65 billion.